Forststeigführer - Trekking in the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland

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110 km trekking tour for a few days through Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland with special trekking huts and bivouac sites set up by the Saxon Forest.

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  • BUE-33
Information The forest trail (Forststeigführer), opened in 2018 by the Sachsenforst, leads... more


The forest trail (Forststeigführer), opened in 2018 by the Sachsenforst, leads through lonely forests on the left bank of the river Elbe and over numerous table mountains. Experienced hikers can master the approximately 110 km long trekking tour, which is demanding in terms of fitness and marked with a vertical yellow line, in several days. The Sachsenforst has set up special trekking huts and bivouacs for hikers.
This forest climbing guide describes the trekking tour in eight stages, each with distinctive starting and end points. In addition, he recommends two to three day hikes as well as day tours on the Forststeig. Detailed, colored hiking maps are available for each stage. An information section is intended to help in planning the tours and overnight stays. A series of excursions provides information on forest and forest-related topics. In addition, 182 color photographs are intended to make you look forward to hiking on the forest trail.

Info's Book is illustrated with 182 color photographs, 8 black and white photographs and historical postcards, 19 map drawings and has 224 pages.       
ISBN 978-3-934514-39-3
Format 130 x 190 mm
Edition 1. Editione 2018
Publisher Berg- und Naturverlag P. Rölke Dresden
Map drawing      Alfred Rölke

An appendix deals with practical issues for a forest trail hike. The topic of water on the forest trail is discussed, and (the few) food shopping opportunities near the trail are also listed. A recommendation for maps and a suggestion for a backpack packing list are added. Last but not least, a list of the sales points for trekking tickets can be found.

On the way on the forest trail through the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland Trekking huts and bivouac... mehr

On the way on the forest trail through the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland
Trekking huts and bivouac places on the forest path
Forest development in the left Elbe Saxon Switzerland

The stages of the forest trail
1. from the Elbe valley on lonely paths above the pond quarries and through the Gelobtbach valley to the Großer Zschirnstein
2. from the Großer Zschirnstein through the lonely border forests to the pigeon pond and the Christianaburg
3. over the Hohe Schneeberg, the highest mountain of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland
4. from the Eiländer basin along the spruce walls to Zeisigstein and Hartenstein and to the Swiss Mill
5. through the rocky world of the Bielatal - from Schweizerermühle via Herkulessäulen, Johanniswacht, Eisloch and Grenzplatte
6. from Rosenthal through wide forests to Rotstein and over the views of Katzstein and Spitzstein to Lampertstein
7. from the Lampertsstein over the Kleiner Eichberg to the rocks of the Nikolsdorfer Wände and up the Quirl
8. from Quirl over the panoramic table mountains Gohrischstein, Papststein and Kleinhennersdorfer Stein to Bad Schandau
Further Information

  • Suggestion for a tour on the entire forest trail without tent
  • Suggestion for a tour on the entire forest trail with tent
  • Suggestions for three- and two-day tours on the Forststeig
  • Day tours on the forest trail
  • Overview of public transport around the Forststeig
  • Practical tips for trekking on the forest trail
  • Selection of hiking maps for the forest trail
  • Recommendations for a backpack packing list for a multi-day trek
  • Points of sale of trekking tickets for the forest trail / trekking equipment
  • Register / Index of photos and illustrations

Further information about Saxon Switzerland can be found here