Hiking guide Bohemian low mountain range

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22 hikes lead from the steppe mountains Oblík, Raná and Milá over Biliner Borschen and Kegel from Milleschauer and Lobosch to the Elbe valley to Schreckenstein and Geltschberg.

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Information The Bohemian low mountain range with its volcanic cones and the curved ribbon of... more


The Bohemian low mountain range with its volcanic cones and the curved ribbon of the Elbe offers a unique view. Between the mountains lie lonely villages in original folk architecture, surrounded by extensive orchards, which turn the area into a sea of flowers in spring.  Impressive are the botanical features in the deciduous forests and on the steppe mountains as well as the block seas of steep basalt cones.
The plant and animal world, the regional local history and the geology of the basalt and phonolite mountains, e.g. to the pyrope, the Bohemian garnet, and the "smoking mountain" are presented.

Further information about the Bohemian Central Highlands can be found at here.

Titel From Biliner Borschen to Milleschauer and Lobosch to Schreckenstein and Geltschberg
Info's Hiking guide is illustrated with 190 color photographs, 22 historical documents, historical postcards and paintings, 27 drawings and a fold-out geological map and has 272 pages.  
ISBN 978-3-934514-22-5
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden
Introduction: Between Biliner Borschen, Milleschauer, Lobosch, Schreckenstein and Geltschberg... mehr

Between Biliner Borschen, Milleschauer, Lobosch, Schreckenstein and Geltschberg
Hiking in the Bohemian Central Highlands
Settlement and cultural and historical development of the Bohemian Central Highlands
Geology and nature of the Bohemian Central Highlands
Litoměřice (Leitmeritz), Ústí nad Labem (Aussig)
Bílina (Bilin), Louny (Moody)

1. the steppe mountains of Louny (Laun)
To the steppe mountain Oblík
Feather grass and gopher on the steppe hill Raná
The basalt cone Milá - half steppe mountain, half forest mountain

2. between bilin and cost sheet
From the traditional Sauerbrunn spa resort to the rocky Biliner Borschen
Crowned by high towers and walls the castle ruin Kostenblatt

3. cone mountains between Milleschauer, Lobosch and Kostial
To the highest mountain of the Bohemian Central Highlands - the Milleschauer
To the promising Milleschauer Wostrey
From Salesel up to the Müllerstein, the most beautiful view over the Elbe valley, to the Dubitzer Kirchlein and into the Müllergrund To the volcanic cone of the Lobosch and through the Wopparner valley
Boreč - The "smoking" mountain, a geological speciality
To the medieval castle ruin Kostial
On a castle discovery tour: to the lonely Plöschenberg castle keep and the high castle ruins of Hradek
In the middle of the Bohemian plain
On the double-towered rabbit castle

4. along the Elbe valley from Leitmeritz to Schreckenstein
To the impressive basalt columns at the Radebeule
Culture and nature in close connection - from the wine growing region
A spring fairy tale: flower meadows, cherry trees, sloes and fantastic views
From the former high-altitude health resort Kundratitz to the basalt cliff of the Rabenstein and the observation tower on the Aarhorst

5. between Birnai and Schreckenstein
Through the steep slide gorge to the observation tower on the Aarhorst
From Schreckenstein through the steep slopes of the Elbe to the basalt peak of Hohe Wostrey

6. in the Geltschberg area
Climbing tour over the basalt peak Dreiberg and to the chalice castle, the seat of the Hussite leader Jan Žižka
On steep paths over the summit ridge of Geltschberg

7. in the Elbe valley between Ústí and Děčín
The sparrow stone - a steep basalt rock with remains of a medieval castle