Hiking guide Bohemian Switzerland

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Hikes lead through Tyssaer Wände, along the Kamnitzklamm gorge, through Prebischtor area and around Hohen Deciner Schneeberg into Kaahtal.

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  • BUE-01s
Information Deep gorges and sunny sandstone reefs, bizarre rocks and steeply rising basalt... more


Deep gorges and sunny sandstone reefs, bizarre rocks and steeply rising basalt cones, former rock castles and abandoned mills, idyllically situated villages and seemingly endless lonely forests characterize the unique landscape of Bohemian Switzerland.
Discover the unique mountains on the 21 circular walks, in which the Hamonie is preserved by cultural landscape and nature.
There is a contribution to the history of tourism in the Bohemian Switzerland. The castle researcher Alfred Neugebauer explains some of the most important rock castles.

Titel From the Tyssaer Walls via Hohen Schneeberg, Prebischtor and Dittersbacher Felsen into the Khaatal
Info's Hiking guide is illustrated with 159 color photographs, 40 black and white photos, historical documentation and historical postcards as well as 32 drawings and has 296 pages.
ISBN 978-3-934514-07-2
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag P. Rölke Dresden
Map drawings        Alfred Rölke
Introduction: On the way in the Bohemian Switzerland Settlement, history and culture of Bohemian... mehr

On the way in the Bohemian Switzerland
Settlement, history and culture of Bohemian Switzerland
Geology of the Bohemian Switzerland
The history of tourism and climbing in the Bohemian Switzerland
Nature of the Bohemian Switzerland / Landscape and nature protection
Forest development on the territory of Bohemian Switzerland
The city Děčín / Chechnya

1. the left bank areas
Into the rock labyrinth of the Tyssa walls
Through the kingdom of heaven to the ponds of the island and into the walls of Tyssa
On the roof of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Hohe Schneeberg
Through lonely forests between Maxdorf, Fällenbachtal and Wolfsteich and on the Schäferwand high above Tetschen
2. between Tetschen and Binsdorf
Up the Quaderberg and into the Laubenschlucht
Deep view from Rosenkamm into the Elbe valley

3rd Kamnitzklamm and Prebischtor area
Through the Dürrkamnitz gorge to the Belvedere view of the Elbe and over the panorama path to Arnsdorf
Over Elisalex rocks and Jonsdorfer windmill into the Edmundsklamm
The Classic Tour of Bohemian Switzerland - Kamnitzklamm and Prebischtor Into the Wild Gorge

4. between Hohenleipa, Rosenberg and Windisch-Kamnitz
In the footsteps of the knights' folk to the Felsenburg Schauenstein
On the basalt cone of the Rosenberg
From Windisch-Kamnitz on lonely paths to the Ohlischer Teich

5. to the ruins of the basic mill and the rock chapel of Schemmel
On a lookout path around the Gohlischt, on the pointed Rudolfstein and to the Balzhütte
To the most beautiful views of the "Dittersbacher Felsenwelt
Felsenburg Falkenstein, Kreuzberg, Steinerne Rinne and Paulinengrund

6. at the beginning of the Lausitz mountains
To the basalt columns on Goldberg and block fields on Kaltenberg

7. through lonely forests at the northern edge of the Bohemian Switzerland
On the tracks of the capercaillie - to the Balzhütte and the Engen Stiege
Over the rock path of Khaa and on the way to Schnauhübel
Over the basalt peak of the Wolfsbergspitze to the "Raubschloß" near Zeidler
Through the lonely border forests to Wolfstafel and Schwarzes Tor

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