Hiking guide Dresden and surroundings Band 1

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20 hikes lead from Weesenstein and Maxen into the valleys Müglitz and Weißeritz to Kreischa via Windberg and Tharandter Wald into the valleys to Meißen

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  • BUE-11s
Information South of Dresden, the relief rises steadily from the Elbe valley to the... more


South of Dresden, the relief rises steadily from the Elbe valley to the Osterzgebirge mountains, divided by narrow river valleys of the Müglitz and Weißeritz. In between, panoramic heights and mountains rise around Maxen and Kreischa, as well as the wide wooded areas between Dippoldiswalde and Tharandt. After Meissen, the valleys on the left bank of the Elbe are among the most beautiful hiking destinations, especially in spring.

Titel From Weesenstein and Maxen via Windberg and Tharandter Wald into the left Elbe valleys to Meißen
Info's Band 1: Hiking guide south of Dresden is illustrated with 160 color photographs, 20 black and white illustrations, historical documents and 22 drawings and has 256 pages.
ISBN 978-3-934514-25-6
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden

Hikes in the area south of Dresden

  • from a part of the Osterzgebirge with the river valleys Müglitz and Weißeritz
  • from the panoramic heights and mountains around Maxen and Kreischa
  • from the forest areas between Dippoldiwalde and Tharandt
  • from the left Elbe valleys of Meißen

More information about the sights of Dresden can be found at here

Introduction: On the way in Dresden and surroundings The plant world in Dresden's surroundings... mehr

On the way in Dresden and surroundings
The plant world in Dresden's surroundings
The animal world in the transition area between Osterzgebirge and Elbe valley

1. Between Müglitztal, Maxen and Wilisch
Through the Müglitz valley slopes and over the hills around Weesenstein Castle
Margon Burkhardswalde
Flood of the century in Weesenstein
Around Maxen - lime kiln, blue house and Hausdorfer lime tree
From Kreischa to the Wilisch and to the Finckenfang near Maxen
The conglomerate rocks of the Rotliegende

2. Through the valleys and over the hills on the southern edge of the city of Dresden
Through the Lockwitzgrund to the Burgstädtler lime tree and the Babisnauer poplar landmark
Through Gebergrund and Nöthnitzgrund - on the southern edge of the city to the Goldene Höhe
Through the Plauenschen Grund - from the Bienertmühle to the Hohen Stein and the Heidenschanze

3. On the traces of the Freital mountain landscape
On the traces of mining: along the railroad embankment of the Windberg cable car to the Marienschacht and to the former mines on the Windberg plateau
Mining in the Doehlen basin
About the flora of the Windberg nature reserve

4. Dippoldiswald heath
Through the Dippoldiswalder Heath to stone witnesses of the past
Panoramic view from the König-Johann observation tower
Pursuit of the large predators wolf, bear and lynx

5. In the area of Rabenauer Grund and Tharandter Wald
Steam train ride and hike - on cool valley paths and sunny trails through the Rabenauer Grund
The Weißeritztalbahn
Steep ascent through the Somsdorfer Klamm and on the Brüderweg to the oven rock
The flood in the Weißeritz valleys in August 2002
From the castle ruin Tharandt through the forest botanical garden to Heinrichseck
Through the deciduous forests of the Weißeritz hillsides to Bellmann's lot, silent love and forest view
On the tracks of silver mining: to the Aurora Erbstolln visitor mine in the valley of the Wild Weißeritz
Through the wide wooded areas of the Tharandt Forest - to the lake pond and to Grillenburg Castle About hunting history in the Tharandt Forest
On a geological discovery tour: porphyry fans, basalt, spherical pitchstone and tuber stones

6. The left Elbe valleys between Dresden and Meissen

Mill hike through the Zschonergrund (Weltemühle and Zschonermühle)
Three valleys on the left bank of the Elbe: Amsel-, Tännicht- and Kleditschgrund
Through the deciduous forests of Eichhörnchengrund and Saubachtal
Spring hike through the Rehbock valley to Batzdorf
Spring bloomers in the left Elbe valleys
On the way on both sides of the Triebisch valley and to the Götterfelsen