Hiking guide Dresden and surroundings Band 3

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Hikes to vineyards between Dresden, Meissen, Radebeul, to the Friedewald with Moritzburg ponds and Kleinkuppen landscape are described.

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  • BUE-23
Information Vineyards characterize the Elbe slopes from Diesbar via Meissen with the small... more


Vineyards characterize the Elbe slopes from Diesbar via Meissen with the small Spaargebirge mountains to Radebeul. Embedded in these mountains are not only vineyards with idyllic winegrowers' houses, but also small country castles with their parks. The wide Friedewald forest with its ponds and the Moritzburg hunting lodge is adjacent to the slopes of the Elbe in Radebeul. The landscape in the Moritzburg Kleinkuppen area is also recommendable.

Titel Band 3: Moritzburg ponds and Kleinkuppen landscape, vineyards between Diesbar, Meissen and Radebeul
Info's 248 pages, illustrated with 17 drawings, 192 color photographs, 12 black and white illustrations and historical postcards / documents
ISBN 978-3-934514-30-0
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden

Hikes north of Dresden and surroundings (selection):

  • from the forest area of the Dresdner Heide and from the Borsberg hills
  • to the romantic reasons between Wachwitz and Pillnitz
  • from the traditional spa resort Weißer Hirsch to the Elbe castles
  • in the Seifersdorf valley and in Friedrichsgrund near Pillnitz
  • in the Schönfelder Hochland with Napoleon's stone, Rockauer Höhe and Triebenberg
  • in the very north of Dresden between Weixdorf, Schloss Hermsdorf and Langebrück

More information about the sights of Dresden can be found at here

Introduction: On the way in the vineyards in the Elbe Valley and Friedwald The flora in Dresden... mehr

On the way in the vineyards in the Elbe Valley and Friedwald
The flora in Dresden northwest environment
The animal world between Promnitz and Elbe
Wine growing in the Elbe Valley


1. along the Elbe valley between Hirschstein, Diesbar and Meissen
Through the park of Hirschstein Castle and along the Elbe
Through the vineyards of Diesbar-Seußlitz
Through the Meissen vineyards - from Knorrefelsen via Proschwitz Castle to Zadel
Through the vineyards to the Bosel - with botanical garden, Bosel rocks and observation tower
From Oberau Castle through the wide plain of the "nasse Au" to the Boselspitze

2. between Weinböhle, Coswig and Kreyern
Vineyards, towers and ponds - the Burggrafenheide between Niederau and Weinböhla
On nature trails between Spitzgrund, Hohem Stein, water lily pond and the Forsthaus Kreyern

3. hiking tours around Moritzburg
In the forest and pond landscape of the Friedewald near Moritzburg
To seven ponds around Moritzburg
Nature and culture close together - to the lighthouse, game reserve, Hellhaus and Moritzburg Castle

4. loessnitzgrund and Radebeul Elbe slopes
With the steam engine from the White Horse to Moritzburg and hike to the Dippelsdorf pond and through the Lößnitzgrund
On the way between Radebeul vineyards, forgotten inns, Thirteen Bridges Path and Zechstein
Through the Radebeul vineyards to Blechburg, Spitzhaus and Pfeiffer

5. in the Moritzburg Kleinkuppen landscape
On the way in the Moritzburg Kleinkuppen landscape between Bärnsdorf and Berbisdorf
On the Old Marsdorfer Path through the Moritzburg Kleinkuppen landscape and to the meadows and deciduous forests of the Röderaue
Natural history hike through the hilly landscape of the Marsdorfer Dreieck