Hiking guide East Ore Mountains (Osterzgebirge)

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Hikes to Kahleberg and Geisingberg between Kuckuckstein, Altenberger Pinge, Gimmlitztal and Frauenstein Castle are presented.

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Information The area between Altenberg, Geising and Zinnwald with Kahleberg and Geisingberg... more


The area between Altenberg, Geising and Zinnwald with Kahleberg and Geisingberg and Georgenfelder Hochmoor is characterized by the centuries-old mining tradition. The charming little mountain towns remind us of this, as well as the tunnels, Pingen and show mines. The 500 year old mining tradition with the extraction and processing of iron ore, silver or tin is described. Further information about the Osterzgebirge can be found >> here

Less known but worthwhile hiking destinations in the foothills of the Erzgebirge are also recommended, such as the Seidewitz Valley near Liebstadt, the "1000-year-old" yew tree in the Müglitz Valley near Schlottwitz, the Trebnitzgrund and the area between the Reichstädter Windmill and the Lehnmühle dam.

Titel Between Cuckoo Stone, Mosquito Tower, Altenberger Pinge, Gimmlitz Valley and Frauenstein Castle Ruins
Info's Hiking guide is illustrated with 229 color photographs, 154 black and white illustrations and historical documents, 25 drawings and 1 fold-out geological map and has 296 pages.   
ISBN 978-3-934514-20-1
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden
Introduction: The geology of the Osterzgebirge Mining in the Osterzgebirge The plant and animal... mehr

The geology of the Osterzgebirge
Mining in the Osterzgebirge
The plant and animal world of the Osterzgebirge
Dippoldis Forest

In the foothills of the Erzgebirge between Liebstadt, Glashütte and Lauenstein
1. from castle Kuckuckstein through the steep slopes of the Seidewitz valley
2. on narrow paths through the steep slopes of the Müglitz Valley to the "1000 year old" yew tree near Schlottwitz
3. from Glashütte to Kalkhöhe and to viewing platforms high above the Müglitz valley
4. spring hike through the Trebnitzgrund to the little town of Bärenstein
5. on lonely paths around Lauenstein - Eiersteig, Graupenweg and Bünauweg

In the ridges around mosquito towers, Geising, Altenberg and Zinnwald
6. on the way on the rough ridge of the Osterzgebirge - from Fürstenau to the Mückentürmchen and the Kahler Berg
7. through the meadows of the Erdbachtal to the top of the Kohlhaukuppe
8. from Geising via the Tiefenbach waterfall to the mountain meadows and stone ridges around the Geisingberg
9. around the Altenberger Pinge and the Geisingberg with its blooming mountain meadows
10. along the Aschergraben to Zinnwald and on one of the Saxon "eight-thousanders" - the Biwakkuppe
11. to the Georgenfeld high moor and to the block seas at Kahleberg
12. the most beautiful approach to the Kahleberg: from the gallows ponds along the Neugraben across the Black Pond

Between Oberbärenburg and Schellerau
13. from Oberbärenburg through wide spruce forests to Tellkoppe
14. over the Schellerhauer meadows to the botanical garden and into the Pöbeltal

In the Bohemian border region between Moldava, Holzhau and Rechenberg
15. panoramic views of the southern crash of the Erzgebirge and on the way with a mountain railroad
16. over lonely plateaus to the former bohemian mining town Moldava
17. from Rechenberg to the Fischerbaude and along the Floßgraben

Along the Gimmlitz Valley and through the Frauensteiner Land
18. to the Gimmlitz valley to old mills, flower meadows and a lime mine Hermsdorf
19. from Frauenstein through the Gimmlitz valley to the castle mountain and around the Lichtenberg dam

In the Erzgebirge foothills near Dippoldiswalde
20. from Reichstädt to the Lehnmühle dam and through the valley of the Wild Weißeritz