Hiking guide Lusatian Highlands

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19 hikes lead to the Keulenberg, to the Lusatian mountains between Pulsnitz and Bischofswerda via Valtenberg, Bieleboh to Kottmar and Landeskrone.

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  • BUE-31
Information The hiking tours in the book lead to the Keulenberg and the Westlausitzer Berge... more


The hiking tours in the book lead to the Keulenberg and the Westlausitzer Berge between Pulsnitz and Bischofswerda as well as to the large forest area of the Valtenberg. It goes over the wooded ridges of Picho, Mönchswalder Berg, Czorneboh and Bieleboh. Of course, the mountains of eastern Upper Lusatia such as Löbauer Berg, Rotstein, Kottmar and Landeskrone are also destinations of this hiking guide.
The mountain world of Upper Lusatia - these are long, wooded elevations and wide valley hollows as well as isolated basalt mountains. Embedded in the hilly landscape are numerous villages in which the native Lusatians preserve their special traditions and customs.

Titel From Keulenberg via Czorneboh, Bieleboh and Kottmar to Löbauer Berg, Königshainer Berge and Landeskrone.
Info's Hiking guide is illustrated with 199 color photographs, 21 map drawings, 14 black and white photos, historical documents and historical postcards and has 272 pages.
ISBN 978-3-934514-37-9
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag P. Rölke Dresden

Hikes in the Lausitzer Bergland (selection) to

  • historical landmarks in the Valtenberg area and sundials in Taubenheim
  • Umgebinde houses with their decorative slate gables in many villages of Upper Lusatia
  • Baroque castles in Rammenau and Königshain and to the Kottmarsdorfer windmill
  • to the Ostroer Burgwall in the wide foreland between Kamenz and Bautzen
  •  to the two Spreeparks between Neusalza-Spremberg and Friedersdorf

Further information about the Lausitzer Bergland you will find here:

Introduction Hiking in the Lausitz mountains The geology of the Upper Lusatia - Prof. Dr. Klaus... mehr


Hiking in the Lausitz mountains
The geology of the Upper Lusatia - Prof. Dr. Klaus Thalheim
Settlement, history, craftsmanship, economy and culture of the Lusatian Highlands
To the plant world and habitats
The animal world of the Lausitzer Bergland


1. on beautiful forest paths to Keulenberg
2. along stone pillars through the Luchsenburg forest to Schleißberg and Schwedenstein
3. from Rammenau to the summit cliffs on the Sibyllenstein
4. on the traces of the past: to the Ostroer Burgwall
5. to the Valtenberg - the highest mountain of the Lausitzer Bergland
6. through the Umgebindehaus villages Neuschirgiswalde and Weifa and on Dahrener Berg and Weifaer Höhe

7. over wooded mountain ridges and through meadow landscapes between Mönchswalder Berg, Sora and Picho
8. to the Körse castle ruins and over the Callenberg into the wide forest area of the Kälbersteine
9. to Taubenberg and through the sundial village Taubenheim
10. along the Spree arch between Friedersdorf and Neusalza and to Schmiedesteinen and Reiterhaus
11. to the observation tower on the Bieleboh
12. to the rocky cliffs on Doehlener Berg and Czorneboh

13. rocky cliffs and block seas at the Hochstein and views from the Steinberg
14. from the Kottmarsdorfer windmill to the Kottmar
15. on lonely ways and paths to the Löbauer Berg
16. a forgotten valley - the Georgewitz Scale
17. a botanical excursion to the basalt ridge of the Red Stone
18. through the granite quarries of the Königshain mountains and on the cliffs of the Hochstein summit
19. on the Görlitz local mountain - the state crown