Hiking guide Saxon Switzerland, Band 1

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Hikes lead from Bad Schandau to Hinterhermsdorf. Schrammsteine, Affensteine, Winterberg as well as Kirnitzschtal and Zschand characterize this nature.

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Information The core zone of the Saxon Switzerland National Park comprises a large contiguous... more


The core zone of the Saxon Switzerland National Park comprises a large contiguous area between the Czech border, the Kirnitzsch and the Elbe. The hiker can expect rugged, wildly fissured sandstone cliffs high above the Elbe valley in the Schrammsteine, deep gorges, narrow valleys and huge rock horns in the Zschand, wide wooded areas around Hinterhermsdorf and the Upper Lock.
Discover historical cultural monuments and remains of medieval rock castles on the 23 hiking tours and learn interesting facts about the history, geological features and the flora and fauna of the area.

Titel Rocky landscape between Bad Schandau and Hinterhermsdorf
Info's Hiking guide Band 1 is illustrated with 144 color photographs and 40 black and white photos, historical documents and historical postcards, 38 drawings and maps and has 304 pages.
ISBN 978-3-934514-08-9
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden
IIntroduction: Geology, settlement, history, economy and culture of Saxon Switzerland Nature and... mehr

Geology, settlement, history, economy and culture of Saxon Switzerland
Nature and Rock castles of the Hintere Saxon Switzerland
Tradition of the spa Bad Schandau

Around Bad Schandau and the Hohe Straße
To the Schandauer Schloßberg
The Schomberg castle warden on the Schandauer Schloßberg
Plant garden in Bad Schandau
From the Rathmannsdorf observation tower to Adamsberg and the Ostrava plain
Mills in Saxon Switzerland and their functional change
The high-flying plans of Rudolf Sendig from Schandau
Along the panoramic path along the villages on the High Road to Bythe Falls
From Altendorf to Lichtenhain - The three villages along the Hohe Straße

Schrammsteine, Schmilka area and Großer Winterberg
Through the wild rock world of the Schrammsteine
The Falkenstein castle warden
The Kestrel
On the way between Kleiner Bastei, Breiter Kluft, Teufelsturm and Schrammsteinen
Rauschenstein Castle and the Schramensteyn Castle
On the Rotkehlchenstiege to the Domerker view and to the Carola rock
The formation of the Elbe sandstone landscape
The Peregrine Falcon
From the Elbe valley over the Kipphorn view of the Großer Winterberg
Plants on the Großer Winterberg
The bird life in the beech forest
The Red Wood Ant

Affensteine, New Wildenstein, Small Winterberg and Großstein
On the upper Affenstein promenade to the Idagrotte on Frienstein
The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
The cave at the head of Satan
The medieval castle goods on the Frienstein
The Saxon Mountaineering
From the Lichtenhain waterfall on the tourist trail to the cowshed and Kleiner Winterberg
The New Wildenstein through the ages
The silver fir in Saxon Switzerland
The pavilion on the Kleiner Winterberg
The tourist trail
Between granodiorite and sandstone - through the Knechtsbach valley to the Großsteinkanzel and on the rafting path through the Kirnitzsch valley
The rafting route

In the Great and Small Zschand and in the Thorwald Walls
On the way in the big and small Zschand to the rear robbery castle
Botanical rarities of Saxon Switzerland: the swamp porphyry and the stalk-enclosing knotted foot
On old hiking trails to the Teichstein and through the Weberschlüchte to the Webergrotte
The bush mill
The Neumann Mill: A technical monument in the Kirnitzsch Valley
On lonely paths around the Thorwalder Wände
The garden dormouse - should it really have disappeared already?

Between Saupsdorf, Wachberg and Kirnitzschtal To the Felsenburg Arnstein and the Kleinstein Cave
From Saupsdorf via Sturmbauers Eck and through the Räumicht up to the Wachbergbaude
The local researcher Prof. Dr. Alfred Meiche (1870 - 1947)

Around Hinterhermsdorf

From the panoramic Pohlshörner mountains deep down into the Kirnitzsch valley to the Niedere Schleuse
From Hinterhermsdorf into the lonely forests around the Raumberg
Romantic boat trip on the upper lock
To witnesses of lime mining and through the Kirnitzschklamm gorge to the Rabensteinen
From Hinterhermsdorf to the Weifberg and the charming Weißbachtal

Further information about Saxon Switzerland can be found hier.