Hiking guide The northernmost Bohemia

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Hiking guide northernmost Bohemia leads the tours from Pirsken via Iricht, Kaltenberg, Tannenberg and Kleis to the elephant stones.

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  • BUE-35
Information   he hiking area stretches from Hrazený (Pirsken) to Studenec... more


he hiking area stretches from Hrazený (Pirsken) to Studenec (Kaltenberg), Jedlová (Tannenberg) and Klíč (Kleis) to the Elephant Stones. The hiking guide "The Northernmost Bohemia" describes an area which has always been neglected in descriptions. It is also known as Schluckenauer Zipfel (part of Bohemia, which extends into the area of Saxony) or as Bohemian Netherlands. In the south the Lausitzer mountains belong to it.
The book closes the gap between the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains and the Jeschkenkamm in hiking literature. The volume again contains detailed technical contributions by the authors Manfred Schober, Karl Stein, Ulrich Augst and Holm Riebe.

Culturally, there is much to discover in the northernmost Bohemia: crossroads and pilgrimage chapels, Umgebinde houses and forest theaters, castle ruins and historical landmarks as well as a museum railroad. For the nature lover, valuable deciduous forests with their abundance of flowers as well as basalt columns and stone seas are a special joy.

Titel From Pirsken via Iricht, Kaltenberg, Tannenberg and Kleis to the elephant stones
Info's Hiking guide is with 214 color photographs, 41 black and white photos, historical documentation and historical postcards as well as 21 map drawings and has 296 pages.
ISBN / EAN 978-3-934514-40-9 
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden
map drawings        Alfred Rölke
On the way in northern Bohemia History and culture of the Schluckenauer Zipfel The touristic... mehr

On the way in northern Bohemia
History and culture of the Schluckenauer Zipfel
The touristic development in the Schluckenauer Zipfel and in the Lausitzer Gebirge
Nature in the Schluckenauer Hügelland and in the Lausitzer Gebirge

In the Schluckenauer Zipfel
01. in the Schluckenauer Zipfel - to the crossroads on Annaberg and Joachimsberg
02. to the observation tower on the Tanzplan and through the Wölmsbach valley with pilgrimage church and viaduct
03. in the Schluckenauer Zipfel - from Zeidler on the lonely Pirsken
04. from the Way of the Cross near Königswalde to the lonely Jüttelsberg

In the Lusatian Mountains

05. on lonely paths from Kreibitz to Marschnerwiese, Iricht and Steingeschütte
06. from Kreibitz via the Waldtheater to the Klingsteinkuppe of the Himpelberg
07. to the basalt columns on Goldberg and the block seas on Kaltenberg
08. sandstone and basalt - over Bohemian Kamnitz to fire rocks, brother altar and Nolde
09. on the way with the museum railroad "Kamenický motoráček" and ascent to the Kamnitz castle hill
10. up and down around Peschkau - small sandstone cliffs and basalt mountains with great views
11. from Blottendorf to the most beautiful bowling mountain of the Lausitzer mountains - the Kleis
12. scenic mountains above St. Georgenthal - Kreuzberg, Tannenberg and Tollenstein
13. from the castle ruins of Tollenstein to the rocky Kleiner Schöber and the observation tower on the Tannenberg
14. from Neuhütte to monuments in the fields below the summit cliff of the Hanfkuchen and to the panoramic Schöber
15. to the highest mountains of the Lausitzer Gebirge: Finkenkoppe and Lausche
16. over the meadows with a great view at Knespels Tor to the Kreuzfelsen and the ruins of Mühlstein Castle
17. to the viewing platforms at Grünberg and Kunnersdorf Switzerland
18. from Finkendorf through wide forests along historical border stones to Alten Finkenburg
19. to sandstone cliffs with wide distant views - Hahnberg and Pfaffenstein - and in the Weißbach valley through the Bohemian Gate
20. on the way to original sandstone rocks: elephant stones, sharpened stone and raven stones

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