Hiking guide West Ore Mountains (Westerzgebirge)

Artikelnummer: BUE-03

Hikes to views from Auersberg, Fichtelberg and Keilberg between Hartenstein Forest and Greifensteine are described.

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  • BUE-03
Information The  West Ore Mountains (Westerzgebirge) is characterized in its foreland by... more


The  West Ore Mountains (Westerzgebirge) is characterized in its foreland by fields, meadows and forests, in the central highlands basalt table mountains and dams set interesting accents. The highlight is the mountain ridge with the Fichtelberg, the highest mountain in Saxony, with high moors, colorful mountain meadows and extensive forests. Impressive are the panoramic views from the numerous lookout mountains. There is also information about the flora and fauna and numerous testimonies of the mining traditions such as show mines, old galleries, hat houses, hammer mills and horse gypsum are presented. Further information about the Westerzgebirge can be found >> here

Titel Between Auersberg, Hartenstein Forest, Greifensteinen, Fichtelberg and Keilberg
Info's Hiking guide is illustrated with 123 color photographs, 22 black and white photos, historical documents and historical postcards, 28 drawings and a geological map and has 264 pages.      
ISBN 978-3-934514-11-9
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden
Content The geology of the western and middle ore mountains Mining in the Erzgebirge Tourism in... mehr

The geology of the western and middle ore mountains
Mining in the Erzgebirge
Tourism in the Erzgebirge
Ski touring
Johanngeorgenstadt - The city on the Fastenberg
Folk art in the Erzgebirge
Flora of the Westerzgebirge
Animal world of the Westerzgebirge
Butterflies in the Erzgebirge

1. from Carlsfeld around the dam Weiterswiese
2. from Eibenstock to the Auersberg
3. around the Eibenstock dam
4. on the tracks of the charcoal burners
5. at the raft trench
6. in the Schneeberg mining landscape
7. through the floodplain forest to the ruins of Isenburg and the village church Wildbach
8. in the Hartenstein Forest
9. morning guide and hunter's house

10. from Erlabrunn to the Auersberg
11. into the Steinbachtal to the devil stones
12. to the raised bog Kleiner Kranichsee
13. to the Plattenberg with ice binge and wolf binge
14. from Rabenberg to half mile
15. panorama and forest hike Breitenbrunn
16. in the mining area between Pöhla and Rittersgrünn
17. around the Markersbach pumped storage plant
18th panoramic hike on the Emmlerweg and through the Oswald Valley

19. on the balcony of the Erzgebirge
20. to the rocks of the Greifenstein area and the Geyersche Binge
21. on the traces of history
22. to the basalt columns at Scheibenberg
23. from Tellerhäuser to one of the most beautiful mountain meadows of the Westerzgebirge - the Börnerwiese
24th Zechengrund, Fichtelberg, and Schönjungferngrund
25. through the bottom of the colliery to the Keilberg
26. along the small train
27. to the panoramic Bärenstein and the Cranzahl dam