Hiking guide Zittau Mountains

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Hikes to Oybin, Jonsdorf and Waltersdorf and the Lausche as well as to Lückendorf to the Zittau Mountains / Upper Lusatia.

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Information As the second largest Saxonian rock landscape (after the Elbe Sandstone... more


As the second largest Saxonian rock landscape (after the Elbe Sandstone Mountains), the Zittau Mountains became known above all with names such as Mount Oybin, the Kelchstein, the Nonnenfelsen and the Jonsdorf millstone quarries. In contrast to Saxon Switzerland, the high volcanic mountains such as Lausche, Hochwald and Jonsberg stand out and determine the landscape with bizarre sandstone rocks, narrow rocky lanes and wide meadows and forests.
Also worth seeing are the mountain villages with their spa parks and the Umgebinde houses, which decorate richly decorated sandstone doorways here.
Further information about the Zittau Mountains can be found here.

Titel From the Lausche through the millstone quarries and over the high forest to the mountain Oybin
Info's Hiking guide is with 272 pages, 186 color photographs, 24 black and white illustrations and 21 drawings and has 272 pages.
ISBN 978-3-934514-17-1
Format 130 x 190 mm
Publisher Bergverlag Rölke Dresden

Introduction: Hiking in Zittauer Gebirge Settlement, history, handicraft, economy and culture of... mehr

Hiking in Zittauer Gebirge
Settlement, history, handicraft, economy and culture of the Zittauer Gebirge
The geology of the Zittau Mountains
On the development of tourism in the Zittauer Gebirge
Nature in the Zittau Mountains / Landscape and nature conservation
The city Zittau

1. mountains in the foothills of the Zittauer Gebirge
Three stones near Spitzkunnersdorf - white stone, large stone and black stone
The flora of the dry grasslands
Panoramic view from the observation tower on the Breiteberg
The Kanitz-Kyawsche crypt in Hainewald

2. around Waltersdorf and the Lausche
Above Sängerhöhe and Butterberg around Waltersdorf
The weaving mill in the Upper Lusatia
Upper Lusatian half-timbered houses in the Zittau Mountains
Via Weberberg, Dreiecker and Kammweg to the summit of the Lausche
The woodpeckers - master builders on dead wood
The Hubertusbaude under the Lausche
Botanical excursion through the meadows and forests of the Lausche
The eavesdropper and its animal world - from primeval insects and ice age relics
Over red quarry, Lauschemoor and bohemian villages to the Lausche
The Lauschemoor
Ober- and Niederlichtenwalde - Bohemian villages on the southern slope of the Lausche

3. in the Jonsdorf hiking area
From the Nuns' Rocks on lonely paths via Buchberg and Grenzweg to Lauschemoor
Water shrew, dwarf mouse and corncrake - Life in the louse moor
Via the alpine path to the sandstone organs and to Rabenstein and Nuns' Rock
The eagle owl in the Zittau Mountains
For the formation of the sandstone columns
The Rabenstein and its former mountain inn, the Rabensteinwarte
Through the Jonsdorf millstone quarries to the organ rocks
Sandstone from the Zittau Mountains
Over the Jonsberg to the White Stone and the Ant Hill
The raven returns

4. around the Oybiner boiler
On the traces of the past - to Oybin Castle
The mountain church Oybin
The history of Oybin Castle and Monastery
The Peregrine Falcon in the Zittau Mountains
To the top of the Hochwald and to the yews of Krombach
Original sandstone rocks around Oybin - to Felsengasse, Scharfenstein and Potter
Once upon a time ... - vultures and eagles in the rocks of the Zittau Mountains
The narrow-gauge railroad into the Zittau Mountains

5th Lückendorfer hikes
On the traces of the Middle Ages - to the Old Falcon Castle in Bohemia
Petersdorf and Lückendorf - villages along the old Gabler Straße
The Old Falcon Castle
Summer mountain meadows, Scheibenborn, Fuchskanzel, the old pass roads and castle ruin Karlsfried
The dormouse - a mouse that is not a mouse.

6. before the gates of Zittau
On the tracks of opencast lignite mining - around the former opencast mine Olbersdorf
bats - mosquito catcher in the dark
The flora after lignite mining