Hiking map Middle Harz

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Hiking map "Der Mittlere Harz" ranges from Ilsenburg and Wernigerode in the north to Benneckenstein in the south and from Braunlage in the west to Thale in the east.

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  • HWK-04
Information The hiking and cycling map "Mittlerer Harz" shows the towns of Thale Thale,... more


The hiking and cycling map "Mittlerer Harz" shows the towns of Thale Thale, Zorge, Güntersberge and Schierke on the front. To the north are the towns of Elend, Königshutte, Elbingerode and Timmenrode. In the centre are Hasselfelde and the Rappbode dam. Braunlage, Benneckenstein, Tanne and Hohegeiß are marked in the western part and the Bode Valley, the Roßtrappe near Thale, Altenbrak and Allrode in the eastern part.
The back of the hiking map joins the front in the south with Elbingerode. In the west is the Brocken. In the centre is the town of Wernigerode. In the north are Ilsenburg and Derrenburg and in the east Blankenburg / Harz.

In the Middle Harz, challenging tours are possible on foot or by mountain bike into the rugged mountains of the High Harz. Hikes into the flat northern Harz foreland offer relaxation. On the hilly Harz plateau around Elbingerode and Hasselfelde, visitors can enjoy wide deciduous and mixed forests, which again and again offer charming views of romantic reservoirs and the Brocken massif.
Signposted long-distance hiking trails through the "Middle Harz":

  • Signposted long-distance hiking trails through the "Middle Harz":
  • Eastern section of the Harzer Hexen-Stieg
  • Harzer Teufelsstieg
  • Large sections of the Harz Border Trail
Area Ideal for tours to the Brocken from Wernigerode, Schierke or Ilsenburg.
Info's Hiking and cycling map, waterproof, tear;resistant, UTM grid for GPS
ISBN  978-3-945974-05-6
Scale 1 : 30 000
Format 110 x 200 mm, 990 x 600 mm (open)
Edition Updated edition October 2019
Publisher Schmidt-Buch-Verlag

The Bode (169 km) is a western tributary of the Saale. It has two headwaters in the Harz Mountains. The largest dam system in the Harz Mountains is located in its catchment area. They are the Wendefurth Dam, the Rappbode Reservoir, the Rappbode Dam and the Königshütte Dam. The Mandelholz flood control reservoir dams the Kalten Bode when necessary.

The Harzer Grenzweg is a 91.4 km long signposted and thematically marked long-distance... mehr

The Harzer Grenzweg is a 91.4 km long signposted and thematically marked long-distance hiking trail in the Harz Mountains. The trail runs along the former inner-German border. Its elevation profile stretches üover about 1000 metres of altitude and makes part of the nature conservation project „Grünes Band Deutschland“ accessible. The signposting is a large G on a white background.
The Harzer Grenzweg begins at Rhoden, leads to Abbenrode and over the Brocken. It passes through Braunlage, Sorge, Hohegei&szlig, Zorge, Walkenried and Bad Sachsa. It ends at the Grenzlandmuseum Tettenborn.

The valley of the Warm and Cold Bode rivers in the Harz Mountains is known as the Bode Valley. A popular hiking destination is the ten-kilometre-long, gorge-like valley section between Treseburg and Thale. The Bodeschlucht is about 280 metres deep at the transition to the Harz foreland near Thale. It is a 474 ha nature reserve. The entire length of the Bodeschlucht can only be hiked. Climbing and hiking off the trails, mountain biking, canyoning, water hiking and rafting are prohibited for reasons of nature conservation.
The Bode Valley attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is one of the main tourist attractions in Saxony-Anhalt.

The Rappbode dam, built from 1952 to 1959, has a 106 m high dam wall and is the highest in Germany. The reservoir area is approx. 3.9 km and with a reservoir volume of approx. 110 million m, it is one of the largest drinking water reservoirs in Germany. Its task is to protect the towns in the Harz foothills from flooding and to supply drinking water to the residential areas and industry around Magdeburg.

The Rappbode has its source south of Benneckenstein and joins the Bode in the Wendefurt reservoir.

Hasselfelde ... After the voluntary merger with Elbingerrode, Bennekenstein, Elend and other... mehr


... After the voluntary merger with Elbingerrode, Bennekenstein, Elend and other towns, Hasselfelde belongs to the Oberharz am Brocken district in Saxony-Anhalt. Mining and cottage industries initially determined the development of the town. There is a doubling of the term Oberharz. The term Oberharz also refers in a historical sense to the mining towns of Clausthal, Zellerfeld, St. Andreasberg, Altenau, Lauenthal, Wildenau and Grund.

  • Large neo-Gothic town church of St. Anthony on the market square is a three-nave basilica with a west tower
  • A replica of a western town „Pullman City Harz“ was built in 2000 on the eastern edge as a tourist magnet.
  • Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus on Blankenburger Stra;e is an open-air museum where charcoal is still produced today.
  • Rappbodetalsperre, Rosstrappe and the Witches' Dance Site in the Bode Valley

Air health resort Schierke

... is a district of the town of Wernigerode south of the Brocken peak, bordering the Harz National Park to the north and situated at an altitude of 600 to 650 m in the valley of the Cold Bode. In 1898 Schierke was connected to the Brocken railway from Wernigerode. From 1960 to 1989 Schierke was only accessible to selected holidaymakers with a pass because of the border. Some holiday homes belonged to the NVA, the MfS and the FDJ. A border company was stationed in the village and a train was stationed at the former railway station on the Brocken.

  • Town hall with a massive basement and a colourful half-timbered tower, built in the 1920s
  • Mountain church, built from 1876 to 1881 with granite as building material
  • Speciality: the Kräuterlikör „Schierker Feuerstein“
  • Schierker Feuerstein Arena with an artificial ice surface of 25m x 556m
  • Hiking trail „Grünes Band Deutschland“ passes by the village to the west