Hiking map Zittau Mountains / Nature Park / Upper Lusatia

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Sheet 51 with Zittau, Großschönau, Seifhennersdorf, health resort Johnsdorf, health resort Oybin and climatic health resort Lückendorf

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  • TK-13
Information The map sheet shows the cities Zittau , Großschönau and Seifhennersdorf in the... more


The map sheet shows the cities Zittau, Großschönau and Seifhennersdorf in the German and Bohemian part. Included are also the areas around the towns of Großolbersdorf, Niederoderwitz, Hainewalde, Leutersdorf, Waltersdorf, the health resorts Johnsdorf and Oybin as well as the climatic health resort Lückendorf. On the Bohemian side there are the villages Varnsdorf, Jiřetin and Mařenice.
Information about history, landscape and sights of the Zittau Mountains Nature Park is included on the back of the hiking map.

Info's Hiking map with bridle paths contains UTM coordinate grid and is GPS-capable.        
ISBN 978-3-86170-012-8
Edition 6. Edition 2012
Scale     1 : 25 000
Publisher Staatsbetrieb Geobasisinformation und Vermessung Sachsen in Dresden     

Hiking tours

  • Nature reserve Lausche (792 m) - highest mountain of the Zittau Mountains
  • High forest (749 m) near Oybin
  • Lake Olbersdorf
  • Millstone quarries near the health resort Jonsdorf
  • Falkenburg castle ruins near Petrovice (Bohemia)
  • Tollenstein castle ruins near Jiřetín (Bohemia)

Further information about the Zittau Mountains.