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Reisebuch Karhu offers travel guides to interesting destinations in Bohemia and also in Germany. These books are the result of the owner's many years as a tour guide with the company "Reise-Karhu / Aktiv-reisen" (Reisebuch-Karhu Verlag), which organises small hiking groups and club trips. As there is little German-language literature on such destinations as the Bohemian Forest, the Imperial Forest, the Adersbach Rocks, the Krkonoše Mountains and the Jizera Mountains, this is a welcome addition to our range. The meticulous research and detail that is evident in the preparation of the hiking guides should be emphasised.

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Hiking & Tourist Guides : Šumava & Slavkov Hiking guide: Bohemian Forest & Slavkov
€17.95 *
Hiking guide & travel guide: Gera Thüringer Vogtland Hiking guide: Gera Thüringer Vogtland
€17.50 *
Hiking guide Adersbacher Felsenstadt Hiking guide Adersbacher Felsenstadt
€19.95 *