Sebnitz in the Saxon Switzerland

Sebnitz in the Saxon Switzerland

Artikelnummer: BUE-19s

From the story of Sebnitz, a Saxon town on the border between the Elbe Sandstone and the Upper Lusatian Highlands, by Manfred Schober.

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  • BUE-19s
Information In 1786 Wilhelm Leberecht Götzinger published in the "Geschichte und Beschreibung... more


In 1786 Wilhelm Leberecht Götzinger published in the "Geschichte und Beschreibung des Chursächsischen Amts Hohnstein mit Lohmen" a first summarizing account of the development of Sebnitz from the beginnings to the end of the 18th century. After him, numerous local historians, among them especially Prof. Dr. Alfred Meiche, wrote many larger and smaller contributions to the town chronicle and carried out extensive research, but a summary of the research results did not come about.
It is the merit of Manfred Schober to give with this book for the first time since Götzinger's chronicle a detailed overall presentation of the history of Sebnitz. It shows the development from the beginnings as an agricultural town, the time of the industrial boom and its blossoming as a city of artificial flowers, the years of the two world wars up to the time of the GDR and the present. Also included are short historical outlines of the villages Schönbach, Hof- und Amtshainersdorf, Hertigswalde and Hinterhermsdorf, which were incorporated over the last decades.
Many of the visual and written documents of this work are being published for the first time.
Further information about Sebnitz can be found on our website here.

Info's 168 pages, 188 photographs, documents and illustrations
ISBN 978-3-934514-14-6
Format 24 cm x 22,5 cm; Hochwertiger Festeinband mit Schutzumschlag         
Publisher Berg- und Naturverlag P. Rölke Dresden
Author          Manfred Schober
Zum Author: Manfred Schober (Jahrgang 1941) .. was born in Liegnitz/Silesia. After school he... mehr

Zum Author: Manfred Schober (Jahrgang 1941)

.. was born in Liegnitz/Silesia. After school he completed an apprenticeship as a printer and worked in a printing office. In a correspondence course in folklore at the Humboldt University Berlin he qualified for the later work as a museologist.
From 1972 until his retirement he was director of the Sebnitz Museum of Artificial Flowers and Local History "Prof. Alfred Meiche". It is his merit that the museum with the Africa House and the Hinterhermsdorf Heimatstube became one of the most extensive collections of local history in Saxony.

Manfred Schober earned special merits through his journalistic work. For decades he was concerned with the work of the outstanding local history researcher Prof. Dr. Alfred Meiche. He provided several reprint editions of his works and systematically continued his research.
He played a major role in the publication of the two mill books about the mills in Saxon Switzerland. He wrote numerous larger and smaller contributions on the history and folklore of his homeland, which can also be found in the books of the Berg- und Naturverlag Rölke.

The research on the history and folklore of Sebnitz and Saxon Switzerland is summarized in the book "Sebnitz - From the history of a Saxon town...".