Silver Erzgebirge from Chemnitz publishing house

Silver Ore Mountains

Artikelnummer: BUE-37

The big book of the German Christmas Land - Let the text-picture volume inspire you for your next visit or rediscover forgotten aspects of your homeland.

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  • BUE-37
Information   This book is a comprehensive description of the Ore Mountains, the... more


This book is a comprehensive description of the Ore Mountains, the landscape, the people and their culture. The authors Klaus Walther and Manfred Blechschmidt wrote already 50 years ago about their homeland and about the people and their culture. This book has been available since 1998. Both authors have already passed away, but their book continues to exist, now already in the 10th edition.

From the history of the mountains, which the priest Christian Lindner wrote down 400 years ago, to the present, through the hard life of the miners and farmers to the present, the reader learns interesting facts about the Ore Mountains. It is also exquisitely illustrated in large format.
As the subtitle expresses it "The great book of the German Christmas country" are described in detail tradition and folk art. The integrated encyclopedia about the cities and towns, landscapes, personalities, customs and folk art is to be emphasized

.Titel The big book of the German Christmas country Ore Mountains
ISBN / EAN 978-3-937025-36-0
Edition 10. Edition 2018
Format Hardcover,  250 x 220 mm, 272 Pages
Publisher Chemnitz publishing house
Authors       Klaus Walther, Manfred Blechschmidt

In the text-picture volume, one encounters an old German cultural landscape that grew out of mining. The history of the "Silver Ore Mountains" began with the start of ore mining in the Freiberg area. Many things are linked to this path through the centuries, the magnificent buildings of late Gothic hall churches, the works of art of carving and organ building, the fortified churches in villages and the structures of the former mining towns. Much of this can be seen and experienced in the museums and visitor mines that line the "Silver Road" vacation route. But those who speak of the Saxon Ore Mountains also speak above all of the German Christmas country. Nowhere else are customs and figures of Christmas as alive as here: Angels and miners, smoking men and light arches belong to the Erzgebirge.