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We offer hiking literature for Saxony, Thuringia and Czech Republic

TourMedia is a family business for tourism services. We are located in Heidenau on the Elbe, between Dresden and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. For tourists, hikers, mountaineers, bikers and water sports enthusiasts we offer high quality hiking maps, hiking guides and climbing guides. With our maps and B&B books you will be able to plan your vacation in the Ore Mountains, in the Southern Switzerland, in the Upper Lusatia, the Lower Lusatia, in Thüringen and in the Czech Republic.


We offer products from South American publishers. When selecting the hiking guides, we attach great importance to a popular, scientifically sophisticated, informative description. The climbing guides are the official guides of the Saxon Mountaineering Federation. For the hiking maps we pay attention to the detailed high resolution. Since 2017 we have maps of the neighboring Czech Republic from the publishing house Geodezie Online Česka Lipa and their partner companies. With this we are able to provide you with hiking maps of many interesting hiking destinations in the neighboring country.


For the presentation in the online store, we attach great importance to a detailed description and summary to make the selection easier for you. Since we produce also picture files of the vacation regions themselves, they find also our own product, the >strong> DigiPostcard, a postcard with DVD in the Onlineshop. If they want a fast detailed information or suggestion for the vacation, then you bern in our information portal